Enjoy Being Human

Mike Finley

Mosquito Monologues

Our kind are exquisitely sensitive, able to detect the softest landing of tiny feet upon our skin

You slapped three of my sisters dead
Now your blood must feed their nieces and nephews

What is this smudge on the tip of my finger?
What is that tiny violin at my ear –

You give to me, now I give to you.
Poison to make you redden and swell

Our kind are exquisitely sensitive, he said –
up all night – scratching with his nails

The Girl Who Pursued Squirrels

There was never a question of catching one.

She could not be described as stealthy.

But still she kept at it, racing every one to the tree,

Then losing them high in the canopy.

Many longed for such a fit and enthusiastic girl,

But for her there was only the squirrels.

Delegation of Mackerel

A delegation of mackerel paid the humpback whale a visit.

The whale opened one eye to greet them.

"You realize you are eating over a ton of us every day," said the spokesperson fish.

"Hmm," said the whale. "How many of you does that make?"

"We don't know the math, but it's making a dent," said the fish.

"While we are stoic fish, this massive daily devouring of us is the cause of considerable anxiety."

"I understand your position," said the whale, "and I apologize for the pain I cause.

But I have a directive from nature that compels me to eat large numbers of you."

"Well, you could at least make an effort, couldn't you?" spouted a young member of the delegation.

"I will try to be more conscientious," the whale announced. "But I can make no guarantees."

The delegation huddled for a moment, to discuss a point of ethics.

Then the leader turned to announce:

"We are led to understand that herring are delicious."

About Mike Finley

Contributor headshot, Mike Finley

Mike Finley has been writing angry poetry since the mid-1960s, when he spent a lot of time in detention hall. In addition to art writing, Mike has been a daily newspaper editor, TV talk show host, storefront minister, videographer, fashion designer, political campaign manager, aerial photographer and hot lead typesetter. He frequently appears as a storyteller and entertainer at Twin Cities venues. His latest print title is VICTORY THROUGH SONG, from Kraken Press. He lives in St. Paul and writes legal marketing copy for a living.

Mike Finely's work can be found on his website, Issuu (free digital downloads), and Youtube.

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