Enjoy Being Human

Kerry O'Connor

Contemplating people, I have observed

the vast divide between the clean and those
who choose to remain unwashed. A child
will feed pigeons, happy in the dust.
A bull pierced through the shoulder sinks
to his haunches. Never was red so dull.
The female form excites the muse
but all becomes ordinary in reduction.
A platter. A bowl. A long-legged table.
While masculinity resolves its headache
in paunch and penis. Hills rolling unregarded.
A study in plane and colour is as academic
as mud and blood, piss and undressed lamb.
We have eyes that slide past drooping nose,
and oh so many teeth. Sharp. White.
She scrubs herself in a blue room.
He plays ball on the beach. Lover of sand.
Here at last, a man with a guitar. To wake me
in my grave. Carve your tune in basalt.
Singing the seas to a crying woman.
Where she reclines nude under stars.
We cringe. We crawl. We crow.
So little time to find the soap… Rinse
the sullen crimson tide from your fingers.
Ponder the inevitable fall. Cracked heels.
Rise from bed. This life. Uncovered. Art.


I asked for your forgiveness
as the home skies showered
a storm of missiles
in my backyard —
my shoulders were bare.

But you would not speak
a word in my direction,
left me to make my own way
through the minefield —
my feet were bare.

I waited for your return
beside an ocean of torpedoes
and counted the waterspouts
as they spelled destruction 
my fingertips were bare.

But you never came
to the one whose injured love
hadn't faltered; you did not
want my peace though
my breasts were bare.

About Kerry O'Connor

Contributor headshot, Kerry O'Connor

Kerry O’Connor has been writing poetry, since 2009, and as an active blogger, is the creative manager of a community poetry blogsite, imaginary garden with real toads. This is a group project, which undertakes to provide a forum for on-line poets, and to provide a source of inspiration for continued writing within a supportive environment. During working hours, she is to be found in a South African classroom, teaching English as a Home and Second Language, in an effort to uplift the youth through education. You may sample Kerry’s work on her blogs: Skylover or Skywriting.

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