Enjoy Being Human

Nice Cage Fall 2016 Cover

Cover photograph by Isadora Gruye.

d.w. bayliss (my dissolution), Brian Beatty (All In, Safe As Houses ), Sreekanth Bhaskaran (Powerless, Dead Ant), Stephanie Dickinson (The Pleasure House, The Wine-Hunt), Mike Finley (Eat Up, Moth, Anteater), Wren Hanks (Second Life (He Dreams of an Undead Horse), Shake Off, Detour with B), John Hodgen (Shark Week), Janna Knittel (Flying Fish Oyster Bar), Simon Perchik (Two Poems), Forrest Proper (Darth Vader), Christina Veladota (A Brief Novel in the Voice of My Anxiety, A Ritual to Connect to Your Drowning)

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