Enjoy Being Human

Christopher Title

The Outlaw

Nobody bothers
With me I am

A kind of wind

Nobody some how's
But this is me we's

Talkin' 'bout
And my feelin's

No matter how

They may seem
Everybody knows

What’s happenin'
It ain’t right

But nuthin' is
Right to all of us

Except what we've got
And I will thank you

After the waves break
Your hurricane

Beyond the Beyond the Beyond

This evening this autumn
This year cool and wet

Seven green tomatoes
Seven times blessed times seven

Are slowly blushing
Are ripening are slowly turning

To a color—the color
Of Earth’s final color

Those leaves those trees
Those racing cloud trees

Make things different
Make making different things

Here on long nights, which are sometimes
Long but bright lights shine too

I believe I could live
For this if you do

About Chris Title

Contributor headshot, Chris Title

Christopher Title lives and teaches in the Twin Cities area where he also produces Barbaric Yawp, a literary open-mic reading series. His work has appeared in South Ash Press, Living Out, Rock Paper Scissors, Asphalt Sky, Konundrum Engine Literary Review, Cartier Street Review, and Sleet Magazine. Recently, Title’s poem "Cannonball" was featured in the Lonely Whale Memoir anthology published by Chatsworth Press.

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