Enjoy Being Human

Kerry O'Connor

The Good Life

You are waiting for the parade, for a singular view of the barrel-chested General with his double row of brass buttons and luxuriant moustache. You notice your fingernails – or rather the way each is rimmed with clotted blood or rust or red earth. Not easy to be certain. But you pick at them, one nail under the other. Best to practise a clean salute. The wait is longer than you expected. The triumphal procession through empty villages must not lose a modicum of pomp, even when the top dogs must pick their way over the bridges you blasted last month. So you rest a knee against the sandbags and enjoy the weak sunshine, oblivious to the scant rainbow over your shoulder.

Best you stifle that yawn.

About Kerry O'Connor

Contributor headshot, Kerry O'Connor

Kerry O'Connor has been writing poetry, since 2009, and as an active blogger, is the creative manager of a community poetry blogsite, imaginary garden with real toads. This is a group project, which undertakes to provide a forum for on-line poets, and to provide a source of inspiration for continued writing within a supportive environment. During working hours, she is to be found in a South African classroom, teaching English as a Home and Second Language, in an effort to uplift the youth through education. You may sample Kerry's work on her blogs: Skylover or Skywriting.

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