Enjoy Being Human

Ali O'Reilly


Dear Lover,

When I was -3 months old I lived in a plastic box and listened to a cassette tape my parents had made for 90 straight days until my eyelids unfused.

I died at one point, wearing a diaper the size of a child's mitten. Someone pumped me back to life but we never got his name.

For 27 years I have tried to find a sound delineative of that which housed me while I was both negative and positive, dead and undead, broken and miraculous.

This brings me to your voice and why I'm keen on collapsing the space between myself and it.

In regards to why I need you, this is reason 1 of infinity.


About Ali O'Reilly

Contributor headshot, Ali O'Reilly

Ali O’Reilly is a conceptual artist and writer living and working in Minneapolis, MN. Her poetry book What Is The Opposite Of A Machine Gun And How Do I Empty That Into You? is available on the interwebz for your googling and purchasing pleasure.

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