Enjoy Being Human

Mike Finley

Eat Up, Moth

You like it so much,
I'm prepared to sit right here
till you finish
the entire sweater.


He's a tough negotiator.
He doesn't just eat you,
he eats your wife
and he eats your children
and he eats your mother
and he eats your cousins
and he eats your insurance agent
he eats everyone you know.
He eats your whole city
then tucks the last ant in the side of his maw
and says
I'm sorry,
I can't help it
I was made this way,
I require vast quantities of ants to survive.

About Mike Finley

Contributor headshot, Mike Finley

Mike Finley has been writing angry poetry since the mid-1960s, when he spent a lot of time in detention hall. In addition to art writing, Mike has been a daily newspaper editor, TV talk show host, storefront minister, videographer, fashion designer, political campaign manager, aerial photographer and hot lead typesetter. He frequently appears as a storyteller and entertainer at Twin Cities venues. His latest print title is VICTORY THROUGH SONG, from Kraken Press. He lives in St. Paul and writes legal marketing copy for a living.

Mike Finley's work can be found on his website, Issuu (free digital downloads), and Youtube.

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